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Soundtracks / Installation

​​Music for Film, Documentary, Computer Games and Installation Works

Jewish Britain on Film

Original scores for 14 short films from the BFI archive on Jewish life in Britain. Curated as a chronological documentary narrated by Isy Suttie (Peep Show), the film premiered at the UK Jewish Film Festival in 2019 directed by Jon Spira.

More information here

First Steps Documentary
First Steps 2020

A showreel, demonstrating placement of my music for the documentary 'First Steps' by Chloe Mamelok & Lou Marrilier. Composed score to the documentary First Steps, supported by the Glassbreaker Films Fund. Winner of 'home grown documentary short’ category in the New Jersey Garden State Film Festival and premiered on Aljazeera Witness.

More information here

Full score examples here

Turner Contemporary
Memory Palace Thanet

Score to the video game Memory Palace Thanet created by Umut Gunduz & Anna Skutkley. A Turner Contemporary digital commission '21. The score features beds of recorded foley and sounds from the shoreline of Margate, including nesting seagulls, ricocheting waves, wind, plastic bags being knocked around, tin cans and trash, dilapidated glory, beauty, processed low end buzz, improvised cello and vocals. Explore as the game evolves from day to night in ambience, sound and light. Stereo speakers or headphones recommended. Music Produced, composed and mixed by Francesca Ter-Berg.

Preview here

download and play the game

Anna: The Woman Who Went To Fight ISIS

Use of track 'Departures' from Unfurl by Fran & Flora for the documentary 'Anna: The Woman Who Went to Fight ISIS' by Marina Parker for BBC 2.

Brass Bird Flies Into The Heavens

Collaboration with Visual Artist Diana Gradinaru for 'Onomatopoeia Club' - a curated experimental platform for sound/visual artists. 

Curated by Coda to Coda.

Margate NOW
Bough Talk

An installation commissioned by Margate Now festival, Bough Talk uses a multitude of experimental field recording techniques to collect sounds from the Sunken Gardens in Westbrooke, and its surrounding environment Visiting the Sunken Garden on several occasions with varying weather conditions and at different intervals during the day and night, Francesca captured the contrast between the wind swept and desolate harshness of the garden as well as its safety and serenity. She created a simple, rich and sonically immersive piece which interprets the sounds of the Sunken Garden through improvisation, electronic processing, reflection and repetition and with melodic and textural responses through her cello. Francesca is influenced by the sonic textures of Margate and the beauty found in unexpected places.

More information here

Full installation score here

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